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Red Door Influencer Kit

For Elizabeth Arden

Influencer kits are a powerful tool for brands for engagement strategies via social media.

Crafted by the talented team at Design BiAccident, these exquisite influencer kits were created for Stark Matthews. They were part of Elizabeth Arden‘s #UnlockTheMemories campaign, showcasing the iconic ‘Red Door’ perfume.

Each kit featured a hinged lid box, artfully resembling a red door, adorned with a gold padlock. Moreover, a cut letterbox slot housed a key tag and golden key. Nestled within was a boxed bottle of the esteemed ‘Red Door’ fragrance.

As a result these kits increased awareness of the #UnlockTheMemories campaign.

The boxes were printed on premium paper stock with perfect colour matching. Finally, each was wrapped with a matte cello glaze, offering a velvety touch.

‘Red Door’ influencer kit

influencer kit
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