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Social Impact Projects

As part of our commitment to being an ethical and sustainable business we seek to support social and community impact initiatives that our employees are passionate about. Click here for more information on how they align to the UN SDGs.

Social Impact Pledge

We support social impact projects locally and globally and are are a proud participant of Pledge 1% – a global movement of companies that have committed to donate 1% to change the world.

We have pledged to give at least 1% of profit to support the work of our social and community impact projects. In fact, in the last financial year we donated 5% of our profit to our social impact projects, emphatically more than our target!

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Manyatta Project

Directors Cliff and Lyndall Lewis were directly involved in establishing the Manyatta Trade School and Medical Camps.

The school is located in the largest slum area of western Kenya and empowers the local community by teaching new skills to earn a living as well as providing meals and clean drinking water.

Medical camps are run several times a year providing treatment to as many as 500 people per camp.

The Fathering Project

The Fathering Project educates, connects and mobilises Australian fathers and families to create brighter futures for children.

This includes research-based resources and programs. Also support and outreach services to vulnerable and at-risk fathers. Simultaneously the project also helps communities to prevent issues such as abuse, neglect, disengagement, and trauma.

Kids Hope Mentoring

Kids Hope is Australia’s largest early intervention, school-based mentoring program for children experiencing vulnerability. Since 2004, Kids Hope has impacted thousands of children. Through one-on-one mentoring children have seen their lives transformed. Subsequently the children experience increased confidence, resilience, and joy.

Environmental Impact Projects

As part of our journey to being an environmentally sustainable business, Lewis Media Group supports certified climate projects through our partnership with Trace.

All projects selected deliver measurable benefits aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Coorong Lakes Conservation, Australia

The Coorong Lakes region features some of Australia’s most breathtaking landscapes, however the unique wetlands ecosystem is under threat, degraded by intensive agriculture and climate change. The Coorong Lakes project partners environmental restoration specialists Cassinia with the traditional custodians of the land to protect and restore the native landscape.
Lewis Carbon Neutral

Katingan Peatlands conservation, Indonesia

The Katingan Project is the world’s largest emission reduction forest project, preventing the release of 7.5 million tonnes of CO2 on average annually – the equivalent of removing 2 million cars off the road each year! The project employs 400 local community members, protects the habitat of many endangered and critically endangered species, and provides micro-finance loans and vocational training to local entrepreneurs working on sustainable businesses.