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Direct Mail Out & Letter Distribution

Targeted, physical marketing through letterbox drops.

All inclusive mail out services

Engage your customers with direct mail out advertising & marketing messages. Rather than rely on purely digital messaging, when you send a quality printed messages, it stands out.

Lewis Media Group will design & print multiple pieces and insert them into individual envelopes using our automative machines. Each mail out piece can be printed with the recipients details such as name and address.

Variable codes can also be added for things such as vouchers. This is a great option to send out individual birthday credit for customers for their birthdays. This may increase your profits!

Using our automated machines and integrated service with Australian Post, saving you time and money.


Full color printed flyers, DL, brochures, newsletters or booklets can be folded and put into envelopes. 

Targeted letter box delivery

Given these points highlighted above, to grow your business you need to diversify your messaging. Specifically, using individual data to create messages directly targeting your customers as individuals. 

While this is a great way to increase your brand voice, it is important to keep costs down. Our post management and lodgement process with Australia Post means you SAVE on costs!

All mailing printed is pre-sorted and packed into Australia Post approved boxes ready for shipping. 

Tips for the best mail out campaign

  • Personalisation and quality messaging is key. Data must be correct and include updated the name & address. This is important for updated and forwarding addresses.
  • A successful mass mailbox drop is direct in its message. You should include offers and services specifically tailored to each customer.
  • Use custom printed envelopes or vouchers with unique number IDs printed.
  • Consider stepping up your campaigns with personalised mailer boxes.
  • Use branded packaging, parcels, packing tape and marketing inserts.

Custom printed and cut boxes to almost any shape or size! Internal packaging, such as foam, spaces etc, should be used to ensure safe delivery and transport.